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  • American football, as the name already indicates is a sport that was created in the United States of America, starting with it being a variant of rugby and soccer (or soccer) and with the passage of time, the american football rules were changing until this day.

  • It is considered a rather violent and rough game, and therefore some people more fragile are shaken, but if we compare with other sports, for example, rugby, that despite having several regulations on how one player can invest in the other, they do not use almost no protection, being a game much more physical and professional players always have a lesion parchment …

  • As we have already said, this sport arose from the adaptation of rugby and football, which began when the Harvard and McGill universities decided to do a series of 3 games between them in 1867, and while the Harvard team played the game of Boston (which was similar to football) and McGill’s team played rugby.

  • Since at that time, there were no super-regulated rules and from place to place there were always differences between them and over time the games between the universities were undergoing changes in their rules until they were distancing themselves more and more from rugby

  • Today, this sport has even surpassed Baseball in terms of popularity in the United States, with the NFL Super Bowl final being one of the biggest if not the biggest sporting event of the year in that country.

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