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  • Baseball (written in English) or Baseball is an unpopular sport outside of the United States of America (despite being huge in that country that was its developer), although there are some sites where its popularity has grown immensely, as in the Far East in countries like Japan and in some countries of Central America.

  • It is not well known from when baseball began to appear, and there are already reports from the 14th century in some documents of games similar to current baseball. But it was only in the year 1744 that there is some more concrete reference of Baseball in the United Kingdom, being an evolution of the game of rounders that already was played in that region, and that eventually was taken and later popularized by English immigrants in America of the North.

  • The main purpose of baseball is to simply hit the ball with a club, usually as far as it is possible and correctly, within the limits of the field, and run through the four bases that are in the field until reaching the last one where a point is scored.

  • Unlike most sports in which the duration of the game is fixed for a predetermined time, in baseball, for the game to end, at least one team has to make 27 eliminations, with rare exceptions excepted. Each entry (or inning) ends when 3 players are eliminated, so the game consists of 9 innings. If at the end of these 9 innings the teams remain tied, the team that is able to advance first in the next innings wins.

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