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  • Basketball is one of the most well-known and practiced sports in the world, and as you have fallen on this page, I believe you also know and play possibly. Let’s address the main thing you should know to get to know basketball as it is.

  • The story of basketball began when 1891, the Canadian Physical Education teacher named James Naismith who worked at a school in Springfield, Mass., Had to create a new sport by order of the school principal to be an alternative to American Football and Baseball that if they practiced abroad and in winter it was impossible to practice (very cold and snow).

  • The basketball game consists of two teams, each with 10 players (5 holders and 5 reserves) who aim to make as many points as possible during the game. Win the team with more points at the end.

  • The rules of basketball are still enough and exist for the most varied situations. To avoid being too boring, let’s list some of the most common and important ones. – Fault Penalty – Each team can commit 4 absences by period (being it personal lack). As of 5ª, all personal fouls made during that period entitle the free team to free throw. – Accumulation of Fouls – A player can not accumulate 5 fouls during the game. If it does, he’s out of the game. – Fouls (Place) – Every time one made in the restrictive zone, the foul gives the right to a free throw. If it is out, then the team restarts the ball in play on the sideline at the place closest to where the foul was made (this if the team has not already accumulated fouls in that period).

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