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  • The basic plan: bowler (South Africa) vs batsman (Australia) Note wicket-keeper on left. England vs New Zealand at Lords, the home of cricket Hobbs and Sutcliffe walking out to bat against Australia, Brisbane 1928 Ranji (Ranjitsinhji Vibhaji, Maharaja Jam Sahib of Nawanagar) was the first great Indian player. He played for England 1896–1902, and was an officer in the British Army in World War I The great Don Bradman (Australia) in practice, 1930s/1940s. His batting average is the all-time best Cricket is a sport which is played between two teams of eleven players each who score runs (points). This is done by hitting the ball across the boundary, or by running between two sets of three small, wooden posts called wickets. The wickets are at each end of a rectangle of short grass called 'the pitch'. The pitch is inside a much larger oval of grass called the 'area of play'. The area of play is a 30 yard circle inside the cricket ground or stadium

  • This sport derives from an old sport called stoolball, and in the seventeenth century, the English nobility began to adopt more cricket as a real sport and it has been changing mutating into what it is today.

  • Cricket was once an Olympic sport, but it ended up leaving the program because it did not have all the rules well defined and the number of practitioners in the World was not big enough. They are currently trying to include it again, primarily as a display sport (no medals) but it is still unclear when they will get it.

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