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  • Rugby is a team sport, one of which has been gaining more fans for each time appear more variants of it.

  • This sport is very characterized by his physical contact, and there are people who do not like sports even though he is theoretically “very violent”.

  • As we said, nowadays there are several variations of this sport, there being the most well-known which is Fifteen Rugby, then comes the Rugby League which is composed of 13 players, and also has the Sevens Rugby which is composed of 7 elements, and this variant is already an Olympic sport. Then there are a few more variations like beach rugby, touch rugby, or the underwater rugby.

  • In a quick presentation, this sport came to England in the nineteenth century, with the story that the idea for this sport came about because a football player named William Webb Ellis took the ball with his hands and ran with it until to the bottom line.

  • The 15 Rugby game consists of two teams, this having a total duration of 80 minutes, divided by two parts of 40 minutes, and the time only for in case of injury of a first line player. The goal of the team is to score as many points as possible, winning the team with the most points at the end of the game. Most points are scored when a player can cross the opposing goal line (bottom line) and make the ball touch the ground while in contact with it.

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