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  • Volleyball is a sport of American origin created in the nineteenth century. Known and popular in much of the world, being present in many of the events and international sports tournaments, such as the Olympic Games and the Pan American Games.

  • Practiced both on open and closed courts, as well as practically equal the number of men and women who practice the sport.

  • As in most sports, the main goal is to score points, but its differential is to make the ball fall to the ground crossing the net, thus marking the point.

  • The object used for volleyball practice is just a ball (official volleyball) between the 65 to 67 cm covered with a flexible or synthetic leather cover and composed of an inflatable inner chamber or some material that resembles. Its color is clear and uniform (it can have a color interleaving), as shown below.

  • The volleyball court is about 18 meters long and 9 meters wide, being crossed by a net, which divides it into two fields. Every field for a team.The field should be well marked with its lines and should have bright colors that highlight the field from the outside. Usually, the floor is made of wood or a synthetic material, always being very smooth.

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